to japanese

Q-cera is a japanese pottery which makes hand-crafted ceramic sinks for bathrooms or garden furniture.
These ceramics will show your interior more unique and provide an exotic mood.
Because Japan is a one of the famous pottery areas and we have so many
variety and skills for pottery we can create a unique/japanese taste ceramic sink
for you.
Please think about our ceramic sink, when you build a new house or remodel.
Our sinks will create totally new world for your washing area.

Our work shop is located on westside of Fukuoka City,called itoshima
peninsula, southern Japan.
Q-CERA makes taste sink for you
1.Our products--Example of Japanese ceramic vessel sinks
These ceramic sinks are made for japanese homes, and some of
sinks are already fixed in japanese homes or verious@shops.
These come in a variation of colors and shapes
The ceramic sinks in stock are below section 3.
1.20in tetuaka sink 2. 15in black & white sink 3. 18inx15in unique shape bowl
4.18in oribe green sink
5.16in blue green sink
6.14in. blue sink

7.13in. koseto sink with unique shape
8.14in. black sink 9.handmade sink local TV broadcasted in 2006
10.Japanese restaurant set this Kiseto glazed bowl 11.17in. koseto sink

2.How to order

1.We will make all of these sinks for you by your order.please e-mail  
For ordering.  we need your information of your sink diameter(up to 20in.) height, color,and shape.

a. selecting color---please select the color and indicate the number and title from above sink.
Please note---japanese pottery will be heatded up to 1240-1270 c. Coloring is very sensitive.
We can close to your color, but not exactly your color.And sometimes this makes unbelieable touch.

b. sample of shapes.
We will make each sink by throwing not by mould, so we can change the shape of sink as you like.

a.side line is straight b. side line has bow line c.side line has chine. d.called katakuti type.
We will fit the bottom hole of the sink to following drain pipe normally.this drain pipe is commonly
used in Calf.US.
Numbered L-4012 top ring--5.3cm dia. bottom pipe--3.1cm dia.

2.We need about 40days to dry out and complete these sinks after throwing .
3.we will send several photos of it to you by e-mail after completion for your confirmation.
4.Then we will send your sink to you after your payment

please note because all our products are individually made by hand, each sink will have small
variations in size and color.

Before you make a custom order for your sink, please look at what we have in stock..
Stocked items can be sent straight away.
you dont need to wait for 40-50 days .contact to
drain size is specified to american size drain

coming soon


diameter size       price(US$)
up to 13in
up to33cm
up to-20in

Prices are subject to change without notice.

5.freight cost and days to reach you
It will takes 1-2months to send these sinks to you by surface mail, 2-3 weeks by air mail,
price is not including the freight cost .
followings are several samples of freight costs to the west coast of US and Paris,France
for your calculation. (13in sink will be 4-5Kg, 17in sink will be8-10kg)                                                                                  

To Calf.US

surface mail economy air express air
4.5-5kg         us$32              59           66
8-9kg              50              92          105
15-16kg              70              134          165
17-18kg              77            145          185
19-20kg              82            160          200
     1-2months     2-3weeks      4-7days

To Paris France

surface mail economy air express air
5kg Euro25 46 59
10kg 42 79 Euro102
2-3weeks 3-4days

Only Pay-Pal method is accepted for the moment.


4th prize of Fukuoka Pre. Art exhibition (21in dia.)

Small bowl of Japanes style
Wall light cover(17in x 15in) Wall decoration(13in dia.)
Square plate with legs, Sake bottle, Fruits bag

Another gallery for our local information

Itoshima peninshura is located at west side of Fukuoka city,southern japan.These beaches are about 1 hour drive from Fukuoka down town and 10-20 minutes from my house.

  Nogita beach@and Shima seaside Golf course

   Hikitsu Bay --good for fishing

  Hikitsu Bay at ebb tide

   Keya beach for surfing